Online Registration

Set up a registration website in minutes

Create a dedicated registration site with ease and you'll be all set to receive bookings online. A registration site can also act as central, online home for information and updates about the event or tour.

Each registration site can contain:

  • Any number of content pages for your tour or event which you can structure as required, including the ability to insert your own images and files.
  • Your company logo and contact details.
  • An online registration (booking) form. Once completed, the person registering can be sent to an online payment provider for payment in full or just a deposit using their credit card.
  • An enquiry form, for general queries about your event or tour.
  • An embedded Google map showing the location of the event or tour.

Take payment online

Take a deposit or full payment from your customers via one of our approved secure payment providers.

To start with, we have integrated with with the following payment providers to facilitate online payment from your customers.

Each provider is unique in terms of requirements and fees etc. If your goal is to get up and running quickly without the need to set up a credit card merchant facility with your bank, we suggest starting with Stripe.

If you're a Xero customer and using Paypal, you can also load your Paypal account into Xero as if it were an additional bank feed.

POLi is great option if you're in Australia or New Zealand and want to give your customers an option which is very low in fees.

Custom fields

Easily customise your registration form to collect additional information from your customer. Mark any custom field as "required" to ensure the user provides an answer for that field before they can proceed.

Structure the registration form and any custom fields however you want with custom field sections.

Choose from a variety of different field types:

  • Text (single or multi-line)
  • Date
  • Number
  • Drop-down list
  • Checkbox


Extended Fields

Set certain custom fields as 'Extended', allowing you to collect a smaller set of information from your customers during registration (to lower friction) and then follow up to collect additional information (e.g. emergency contact details) closer to the event/travel (using the Customer Portal).

Easy image management

Add a header photo or even a full photo gallery to your registration site for further customisation and a little extra product appeal.

You'll love our sophisticated, yet easy to use image manipulation and cropping capabilities built right into Intellibook.

Upload 'Gallery' images to be displayed on your customer-facing registration site. For those running events, this is not only useful for promotional purposes during the enquiry/registration stage, but is also a good place to upload photos of the event itself for your customers to look at afterwards.

Custom messaging

Customise the messages which show when your customers register, including the templates for automatically generated emails.

Template fields allow you to completely customise messaging according to the event being run, yet personalise it to the contact person / attendees who have registered.


  • Tables
  • Links
  • Pictures
  • Font styles (bold/italic etc.)
  • Bulleted or numbered lists