One of the key benefits of working with good cloud-based software is the ability to connect to other systems and have information seamlessly flow from one to the other. Forget updating the details in two places, or exporting and importing data to get the info you need, all of this reduces the chance of error and best of all saves you time and money!

Intellibook offers a couple of great integrations out of the box and if you're interested in integrations with other products via the Intellibook API, simply get in touch or if you're a bit of a geek, you may wish to browse our API Documentation.


Xero - Cloud Accounting Software

"Beautiful" isn't a word you'd usually use to describe accounting software, but we believe you'll make an exception for Xero.

Perfect for travel and event management agencies alike, Xero is guaranteed to change the way you think about acccounting.


Pipedrive - Cloud CRM Software

We've chosen Pipedrive as our very first CRM integration partner (other options to come!).

Pipedrive is simple, logical and affordable, yet sophisticated enough to help you do a great job of keeping track of client and supplier activities and communication etc.


Online Payment Provider Options

We also integrate with a variety of payment providers so that you can accept credit, debit card (and even electronic bank transfer with POLi) payments for bookings online:

DPS (Payment Express) eWAY PayPal POLi Payments Stripe