Unleashed Grad Trips

Case Study: Unleashed Grad Trips

Schoolies Travel - Sydney, Australia

Meet Unleashed Grad Trips, an agency in Sydney, Australia that specialises in international holidays for school-leavers.

In 2013, Unleashed had had a guts full – they were tired of wrangling a combination of spreadsheets and programmes to manage their bookings - they knew there must be a better way.

Problem Solving

We needed a solution that could be tailored to work with our unique business,” says Director Steve Pirie. “The problem was finding something that was affordable, usable and cloud-based.”

Unleashed were unfazed by the prospect of using cloud-based software.

We've used cloud software before. From a security point of view, it's much safer being hosted outside the office, and it offers great flexibility and mobility,” offers Steve. But after three trials and one failed booking system (with a $20,000 price tag!) later, Unleashed Grad Trips were beginning to get a better idea of what they needed from a new system - support.

Enter Intellibook

The level of support from Intellibook was one of the main reasons we choose them, says Steve. “Being able to speak to someone on the phone and get email support – it's fantastic.”

Intellibook was able to offer Unleashed Grad Trips an operating system that ticked all their boxes – a complete system that could not only manage bookings, inventory and reporting, but one that could also be tailored to meet their unique business needs.

Intellibook offered us the ability to work directly with the operators to get the software that we desired,” states Managing Director Jot Lynas.

Easy Transition

Once the decision was made, Jot and Steve needed Intellibook to be introduced seamlessly – any interruptions to the system (particularly bookings) would be costly, and their small team of 10 users needed to be able to navigate their way around it easily.

The transition was effective and on time,” says Jot.

Any teething problems were dealt with swiftly, adds Steve. “We had to make a few customisations, but these were done in a timely manner.”

All Systems Go

With Intellibook in place, Unleashed Grad Trips has already benefited in a number of ways.

The front-end user now has a much better experience, while at the back end, the system is saving us over 40 hours a month in reconciliation alone,” says Steve.

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