Pesach in Cancun

Case Study: Pesach in Cancun

Religious Travel - Cancun, Mexico

A quick lesson before we begin: "Pesach" is the traditional Hebrew name for the Passover celebration, and it's pronounced "pay-sahck" – one of the many great things we learned from working with Tim Webster.

Tim is the organiser of Pesach in Cancun, an event that takes over a resort in Cancun, Mexico once a year. It's an opportunity for Jewish families to celebrate Passover while having a holiday.

Pesach in Cancun has been around for over a decade, and it grows in popularity each year. It's a big event – and Tim needs it to run smoothly.

Ready, set, go

Pesach in Cancun is a hotel buy-out, where we manage rooming allocations and then continue to track guest details by hotel room number, just like hotel management systems do,” Tim says. It's also an event that includes kids programmes, entertainment, and opportunities to explore the local area - eight days of non-stop action for its organisers and staff.

To keep on top of everything, Tim needs software that doubles as an event management tool and a hotel management system. Having tried more than a dozen online or cloud-based software programmes over the years, Tim liked bits and pieces of various systems, but, when we met him, hadn’t found one that had everything he needed.

Until Intellibook

It was the solution I was looking for” says Tim. More than cloud software, he'd wanted a solution that offered great customer service at a local level. In fact, it was his number one priority.

Good thing, then, that Intellibook could offer Tim second-to-none customer service. “Intellibook was always there to help, and was fast to respond to any questions or concerns.

The personal touch

But if Tim came for the customer service, he stayed for the personalisation.

To ensure Pesach in Cancun ran effectively, Tim needed Intellibook tailored to the operation. A few new fields and a couple of customisations later, Tim had everything he needed to kick things off. “Intellibook listened, understood, and found solutions for me.

Now looking ahead to Pesach in Cancun 2016, Tim's excited about the possibilities Intellibook presents. “I love it!

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